Sentiments and Sofas


Marketing a new small business is a challenge, even for someone who spent the last 6 years working in marketing. Reliable-ish sources (aka the internet) tell me I need to start a blog to appear in more google searches and promote my business. Lucky for me, interior design isn’t my only passion. I’ve spent much of my life using writing as a creative outlet. Just never, you know, for public consumption. Deep breaths. The only form of writing I know is the kind that bares my heart. So how do I use what is usually a vulnerable and emotional process for me to promote interior design services? Do articulating sentiments and selecting sofas have even an inkling of cross over?!

Yes. Yes they do.

Emotion is the number one reason I am here. Since my very first apartment I have learned to design with purpose, and that purpose is to invoke an overwhelming sense of comfort and pride in the place I call home. Before that, I watched my mother, a bonafide badass (am I allowed to say that here?) run her own design business and make her clients’ dreams come true, bringing tears of excitement to their eyes time after time at the final reveal. The emotion is there. I have learned that well thought out interior design surpasses the simplicity of “looking nice” and serves a function to our lives. Interior design can create comfort, interest, reprieve, ease, convenience, memories, a sense of welcomeness, and the list goes on.

So that’s what you can expect here, on my little interior design blog; sentiments and sofas. I will bare my heart. I will be painstakingly honest about this process, I will share the ins and outs of my projects. And, for those of you who just want a freaking paint color recommendation and not a passion-infused novella, I’ll have that too 😉



Ally Dinbokowitz